InstaPark and the One-Stop Solution

Marketing Growth & HubSpot Implementation

InstaPark is an on-line comparative booking database application. It provides price and service information for parking providers. The drivers can search, compare, and book the best parking spots based on real-time data. InstaPark aims to improve the overall user experience of the drivers when it comes to parking.

The plan was to provide accurate and real-time information to the registered drivers so that they could make informed decisions and improve their overall parking experience.

Marketing Obstacles with regional Partner Parking Areas

InstaPark provides a state of the art car park booking service. It was now shifting its focus to designing a more robust product for its B2B customer base.

The challenge was to increase the B2B client base. This base consisted of individual parking lot owners in the US and Canadian region, who could then partner with InstaPark and pay a subscription.

 The Marketing Head had to match this business offering with new content marketing strategies, lead generation funnels, and brand strategies. All of this had to be designed from scratch.

That’s where we, Team Cloudsource, entered and collaborated with the company’s marketing team.

Team Cloudsource and the One-Stop Solution-Hubspot

InstaPark worked with complex algorithms. As such, the daily content creation for effective inbound marketing was a  challenge to their teams. Compared to other marketing tools, the InstaPark team was impressed by the detailed content management system and integrations offered by the HubSpot platform.

According to the CEO (Mend), HubSpot had a comprehensive control panel. This managed the content on the app’s marketing pages, solution pages, and landing pages specifically designed for Parking lot owners and companies. Previously, the in-house development team struggled with time-consuming efforts, trying hard to craft a system from lead acquisition to sale and then manage the after-sales.

Team Cloudsource Streamlines the entire Process

At first, only the marketing team of InstaPark worked on HubSpot. Later, the sales and customer success teams moved to the HubSpot platform as well. Just like all our other clients at Team Cloudsource, the owner (Mend),  removed all other tools from their technology stacks.

Sales moved to HubSpot and started to use the sales automation tools to manage their accounts. Since both commercial teams were now on the same platform, everyone could observe every single cycle, from start to finish, on the same platform.

InstaPark is currently using automation to increase new customer lead generation, manage different buyer personas, improve content strategy, manage email marketing, and enhance their customer support experience on calls.

Team Cloudsource achieved this without any uninterrupted workflow in any sales funnel.

Outcome (graphical representation)

70% increase in Parking Lot Partners

40% increase in website traffic

Developed a robust sales pipeline using HubSpot Sales.

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