Event Planner Expo New York

Sales Growth & HubSpot Implementation

Event Planner Expo New York is globally recognized for its unparalleled business growth. The event is managed and organized by elite event planners from New York. This exclusive event attracts top-tier, high-level executives, and international event industry professionals. 

The Event Planner Expo in New York City is the top trade show for the Events, Marketing, and Hospitality industry. It has grown immensely popular over time, appealing to more than 3,000 attendees from the U.S. and abroad. This expo helps in gaining access to and discovering techniques to increase businesses and spurring growth. Attendees are inspired by the latest trends, build strategic partnerships, and close deals for the coming year.

The Problems of Scale

Keeping in mind the enormity and reach of Event Planner Expo New York, it is a given that numerous intrinsic problems were encountered! These included the inability to manage the large contact database related to this event.

As a result, it led to disruptions in many departments. The inefficient database collection was triggered by a massive number of applicants. Hence, sales, marketing, and support were scattered all over the place- a whirl of confusion. There was little coordination.

The Hubspot Enterprise Solution

In order to counteract these problems, any proposed solution must ensure that the execution of the overall event goes smoothly as planned. First Tele-sales services can be provided in order to efficiently verify participation and ticket sales for the event. 

Another solution was migration and on-boarding to HubSpot’s all- in- one Enterprise Solution.

The Victory

All these efforts resulted in this event being a success. This year, yet again,  Event Planner Expo New York firmly secured the reputable position of the top trade show for the Events, Marketing, and Hospitality industry. 

This was mainly attributed to the streamlined efforts of their sales and marketing teams. These solutions generated a whopping 40% increase in revenue from telesales campaigns.

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