Value-Ad  Doubled Inbound Leads  with HubSpot

HubSpot implementation

Value-Ad is an Australian based global company that specializes in providing smart analytics and software-as-a-service (SAAS) tools to various businesses. The solutions offered by Value-Ad help companies optimize the utilization and management of sales leads. These leads may come from a call center or a face to face event at the support desk.

The problem of capturing better leads.

Value-Ad used a combination of tools to manage its inbound marketing. Soon they realized that it was merely a waste of time and hindered their capability to work at a faster pace. Better late than never—management soon realized that the team required a more powerful, all-in-one solution. 

With this new solution, Value-Ad has achieved outstanding results including doubling its revenue and a 100% increase in inbound leads.

Team CloudSource and the Comprehensive Solution

We helped Value-Ad create a  user-friendly interface for the application. By carefully formulating an engaging and interesting user strategy, it resulted in resounding success for this application.

Besides this, our expert inbound marketing people at Team CloudSource gave Value-Ad a detailed orientation of  HubSpot’s advanced features. This helped them to connect efficiently with their prospects. With the help of HubSpot’s marketing and advertising tools, the Value-Ad team was able to connect the accounts and merge all of its digital advertising data with HubSpot data. 

Another game-changer in this scenario was the clever incorporation of the HubSpot’s All- in- one –solution. It comes complete with its lead nurturing module via workflows. The team at Value-ads liked the in-depth discussions they had with Team CloudSource during the on-boarding process. It proved to be very helpful to the team since one of the primary areas of focus was lead nurturing.

 The workflows add-on were perfectly designed for that.

From Infuriating Sales Management to Perfect Solutions

After several years of working in marketing and business development for Value-Ads, the founder (Kevin) had already anticipated that digital marketing was the fastest way to cater to the growing demands of the business.

When Team CloudSource collaborated with Value Ads, their marketing team was already using a solution for email marketing. Workflow capabilities to automate lead follow-ups, and AdWords, along with several other plug-ins helped the website reach good ranks on the search engines. In reality, it was really a hodge-podge of separate solutions!

Kevin agreed to shift from the current model since he was convinced that a lot of time, effort, and energy was being wasted overcoming the technical issues. He wanted to focus on generating demand. Team Cloudsource and Hubspot were the perfect solutions.

Outcome (graphical representation)

100% increment in Inbound leads

2X increase in Sales Revenue

30% increase in retention

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